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Commercial Services

Insurance is not a one size fits all solution. Making sure you have adequate coverage is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients have options and understand their coverage.


Liability is probably the most requested of insurance coverages. General liability, product liability, professional liability, directors & Officers liability are a few of the main coverages for business.


If you lost everything in your business today, how long would it take you to replace all of your property and get back up and running? This is the greatest reason for property insurance.


Your products are your livelyhood. Are you protected in case something goes wrong? Have you thought through your contingency plans?


Worker Compensation and Employers Practices Liability Insurance are two important types of insurance products focused strictly on employment.


A well thought out benefits package is an asset to any business as it can help recruit and retain top talent. There are many options to fit any budget.

Risk Assessment

Helping you cover your business is our purpose. Mitigating risk is a fundamental and part of our full service review.

The Heaton & Associates Advantage

Every business is as unique as its owners and product. Whether you are in the business of providing services or products, your business deserves insurance coverage tailored to meet it's individual needs and exposure. Contact us now to set up a no hassle/no obligation consultation to discuss your insurance goals and risk.

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Information about the Insurance Industry, types of Insurance, risk, coverage as well as general and specific insurance advice. Have questions you can't find an answer to? Send us your questions via our Contact Us page.

ByTHeaton Apr 16, 2018

gone to the dogs …

I just came across some hard numbers, which are a little surprising to me … Dog bites account for 1/3 of all homeowner insurance claims. (WOW!!

ByTHeaton Aug 2, 2017

The cost of a bad business culture …

Going through the news this morning, I came across another Wells Fargo scandal .. this time with forced placed auto insurance. It seems for whate

ByTHeaton Jul 18, 2017

Keys to success – Stern Style …

I am fascinated by business success. In my estimation success itself is as individual as the individuals which find it… and one can obtain succ

ByTHeaton Jul 11, 2017

Why should you worry about Cyber Attacks??

Cyber has been a hot button for some time in the insurance industry. I have talked about it several times via this blog as well. It is easy to be

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