“Now they’ve gone and drone it”

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It is here!  The Federal Aviation Administration's new commercially operated drone rules have officially gone into effect!  For all my clients & friends operating drones commercially as some component of their business it is time to get licensed.  The rules are pretty fair and seem designed to create a safe operating procedure for all aviation.

Even those who should know better sometimes goof …

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Employer/Employee relations are a tricky subject in the realm of insurance and risk management.  It is seemingly one of the largest gaps in insurance coverage and something I have found, employers don't often think about protecting.  As the last couple of years can attest, these employer liability claims have increased and coverage is non-existent in

Pokémon Go?!?!?

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The risk is real! :) This game - or should we call it a movement - has taken the world by storm. What a marketing marvel, really... but with one eye on the screen can people really be aware enough of their surroundings? As an employer, you can't really dictate what employees do on their

OSHA Penalty Increase

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After not increasing penalties for 26 years, the U.S. Department of Labor announced OSHA penalty increases of approximately 78%.  The DOL announced the increase of several other civil penalties for other organizations as well, but OSHA is the one I am choosing to focus on here.  The reason as explained in the press release is to

Top 5 WC claims

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Last week, Insurance Journal posted a new piece highlighting the findings of the top 5 Workers Comp claims and their causes.  Spoiler alert ... I have listed them below. strains and sprains (30 percent) cuts or punctures (19 percent) contusions (12 percent) inflammation (5 percent) fractures (5 percent)   These are listed by percentage of total

Business Cyber Crime Increase – Yikes!

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Protecting your business is equal parts risk management and adequate insurance coverage.  It is important not to let your guard down due to the fact that you have “good insurance”.  Cyber crimes against businesses are on the rise and end up costing billions.  See the attached press release by the FBI regarding the ‘Increase in

What is Cyber coverage and why do I need it?

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Cyber coverage can cover quite an extensive swatch of online activity.  The most common situation that comes to mind is a data breach by some hacker mastermind intent on stealing social security numbers, bank account or credit card information in an attempt to commit identity fraud.  While this does happen occasionally, Cyber coverage is intended